Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you’ll find loads of useful info to help get you prepared before setting off your tip

Our Journeys

On our website, you will find a large number of trips, building blocks, hotels and excursions. These components are compiled from our years of experience in Asia. It is, therefore, a beautiful trip for every type of traveller, hotels with character, useful building blocks are created for your excursions! We will then be happy to propose a custom-made itinerary in case you have chosen for one.

But above all: let us know what your dream trip looks like! So many people, so many wishes. Our tours are composed so that there is something for every type of traveller. But if our experiences have taught us one thing, it is that no traveller is the same. That is why we believe in individual tailor-made journeys: perfectly tailored to your wishes.

Let yourself be inspired by The Story of Asia and e-mail or call us! We are happy to take the time and discuss your wishes and plans, and together we will create a perfect trip. Do you want to change something afterwards? No problem, we like to hear it and adjust the tour until it is to your liking.

Is our tour proposal entirely to your liking? Or have you seen a tour on the website that exactly meets your needs? Then you can directly book on the website, e-mail or call us to make the trip final. To do this, the full name(s) (in full according to passport), gender and date of birth(s) of the participant(s) is needed. From the main booker also the address, e-mail and telephone number (s). Then your booking is secured, and the journey booked through our partners in Asia. Once the reservation is complete, you will receive our official confirmation by mail and/or e-mail. Is there an inconvenience such as a fully booked hotel, then we will discuss appropriate alternatives with you. This way you will always know in advance at what kind of hotel you will stay.

Start with your holiday package by choosing a tour package. It’s the best way to travel because all the details are pre-planned for you. This is especially important if you are not keen on researching destinations yourself.

We do the pre-planning, we take the time to create a complete tailor-made itinerary following your requirements and the destination you want to visit. Furthermore, we pay special attention to special festivals, weather, and political climate when we are working on your itinerary. This provides space for back up plans in case of unforeseen travel problems.

Our itinerary also ensures that everything is planned based on what you and your fellow travellers want to see and experience. We make sure that all the activities are something worth experiencing by giving you and your fellow travellers a new dimension of the places visited.

Depending on how you want to travel, we will try to arrange your flight, ground arrangements, visa, meals and transportation.

Make sure you apply for vacation days which include a day’s rest after your return to cope with fatigue or jet lag if you’re flying. Furthermore ensure all your travel documents are confirmed 3-4 working days before the travel date to ensure any last minute changes can still be accommodated.

As for packing, it is essential to pack what you need with consideration for the shopping you plan to do at your holiday destination. If you’re travelling with family and kids, ensure the needs of the elders and children are itemized and packed to avoid discomfort or tantrums.

You should be up to date on routine vaccinations while travelling to any destination. Some vaccines may also be required for travel to our destinations. These vaccines include measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot. Latest updates on vaccinations can be obtained from your local clinic or hospital.

Please take note that visa requirements for certain countries may change from time to time. It is advisable to let our travel agents take care of this matter.

With a journey to a far destination, it is always wise to be well insured to travel. With travel insurance, you are covered against things such as damage or theft of your luggage and the costs you have to incur if you have to go home earlier due to an emergency. If you already have an ongoing travel insurance policy, check whether it offers world coverage. If not, you can adjust the insurance. Do not forget to bring the emergency number of your insurance along when travelling.

A second insurance policy that is important is the cancellation insurance. It covers the costs you have to incur when you have to cancel your journey before departure or when travelling. The reasons that are covered include illness or death of a first or second-degree relative, relocation and dismissal.

Here are other examples that might NOT be covered in travel insurance:

  • Declared or undeclared war or any act of war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, and other war terms
  • Loss or destruction of goods due to radiation
  • Suicide/Self harm/ or any intentional acts by the insured person that provoked homicide or assault personnel or military personnel of any country or international authority, whether full-time service or as a volunteer
  • The Insured Person engaging in, practising for or taking part in training in any speed contest, any professional competition or sports, and participating in Hazardous adventure

For more information on the inclusions & exclusions of travel insurance coverage, contact your insurance company.

Gather required documents before your flight as you are responsible to present as required, documents by the relevant authorities at all entry and exit lanes, health and other documents required by law, regulations, order, demands or requirements of the countries flown from, into or over.

Self-check-in is free, simple & quick! It will save your time at the airport! Otherwise, counter check-in opens 3 hours before the scheduled time of departure and closes 1 hour before the scheduled time of departure. Note: Check-in deadlines may vary at different airports and for particular flights. We suggest that you check-in early and proceed immediately to the departure gate or you may risk being left behind in security.

Pre-book your checked baggage to save money and time. Each piece/item of checked baggage has to weigh less than a certain limit.

For, baggage drop counter, it opens 3 hours before the scheduled time of departure and closes 45 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. Guests are required to hold a boarding pass to use our baggage drop counters.

Bringing liquids are subject to the prevalent applicable local laws and regulations guests may take liquids on board in their cabin baggage with a maximum volume of 100 ml. The items must be placed in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag.


The local currency in Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong. See www.xe.com for the latest exchange rates. Oftenly, in tourist hotspots, large restaurants, hotels and lodges and on tours you can use US Dollars in Vietnam. However, we do advise having some local currency on you in case you want to buy a soda at a roadside café, a post card, or a souvenir from a curio shop. You can exchange money from British Pounds, Euro and US Dollars at a bureau de change, either in international airports or in major towns.

Within a few days after receiving your full payment, you will receive the travel documents by mail or e-mail.

A change or cancellation must always be made in writing. Send us an e-mail, and we will check the possibilities for you. Our general terms and conditions are used herein. We also have to look at the conditions of the airline and/or hotels concerned. In general, the shorter the time before departure you cancel or change, the higher the costs are. With ticket offers, changing and/or cancelling after payment and issuing the ticket is often not allowed at all.

Even when you are travelling, we are ready for you! You are always assured of our service, advice and emergency assistance via telephone, e-mail and the offices and emergency numbers of our partners in Asia. This can be anything from a simple room change or the booking of an excursion to a problem or complaint or a hospital stay if you become ill. Should you have to go home earlier because of an emergency, the office will be on the spot ready to assist you in booking the flight. But also for likeable things like a restaurant tip or booking an excursion, you can, of course, call them.

The Story of Asia offers trips that are taken care of down to the last detail. Despite all due care, an accident always can happen. In such a case, we strive to solve the problem immediately, on-site, so that you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Problems or complaints should therefore always be reported directly and on-site to our executing partner. You will always find the contact details in your travel documents. Problems or complaints that are raised afterwards, but not reported on the spot, cannot be processed.