Preparing for a trip to Asia

28 February 2018

Asia is a popular part of the world amongst travellers. Known for the nice climate, the friendly people and the freedom makes it for it for tourist a top destination to go to. Especially, Southeast Asia is the ideal destination for travellers who want to travel around for a few weeks. For those who are more experienced, the rest of Asia is interesting to explore. Wherever you go, make sure that you are travelling well prepared.

Destination choice

As abovementioned: the alternative decision for a destination in Asia should also depend on your previous experiences. For those travelling outside Europe for the first time, it is advised to choose a destination in Southeast Asia. Thailand and Vietnam, for example, are extremely well-placed for tourists and travelling is almost as easy as at home. Those with a little more travel experience can think of Sri Lanka, Myanmar or Japan. These countries are easy to travel around but require a little more of you. This is mainly due to the language barrier (Japan) or poor public transport (Sri Lanka). It is recommended to visit the Middle East and countries like China and India if you have seen quite a bit of the world. In this way, the culture shock will somewhat be minimized.

Preparing for your trip to Asia

Being well prepared for your trip to Asia is extremely important. You should ask yourself the following questions below before departure in order to make sure that you don’t forget essential items:

1. How is the weather at the time of your trip? Many countries in Asia have a dry and wet season. If you travel in the rainy season, for example, a folding poncho can come in handy. In Asia, many only think of sun and the heat, but in the northern countries, it can become quite cold. So check before you book what the temperatures will be during your trip so that you definitely have the right type of clothes with you.

2. What kind of animals and insects can I expect to see? There are a lot of exotic animals in Asia and it is important that you bring the right protection essentials with you. Fortunately, there are countless anti-insect products that protect you well against insect bites. If you are bitten by an insect, make sure to always check your wound with a local doctor. It is always handy to have an anti-itch cream and tick tweezers with you.

3. How much are you actually travelling? The choice for a backpack or suitcase depends on how much you are travelling on the road. If you are planning to stay in the same place for a longer period of time, a trolley is just fine. Choose a hard case. Those are a lot more reliable because they can not be opened easily. If you change daily from accommodation and location and you’re not traveling on a packaged tour, a backpack is more convenient.

4. How safe is it? Many countries in Asia are safe to travel. Nevertheless, it is recommended to check whether there is a greater risk of being deprived in certain places. In that case, take precautionary measures by taking the correct anti-theft products that keep your money safe. You should consult your local government for travel advice

Take the abovementioned tips into consideration in order for you to enjoy and experience Asia at its full potential without any hassle. Without doubts that your trip to Asia will be an unforgettable experience.

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