Hanoi cooking class

5 Hours
  • Com Viet Cooking class 2
  • Com Viet Cooking class 3
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  • Com Viet Cooking class
  • Com viet restaurant 1
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  • Com-Viet-Cooking
  • Handcrafted knittin
  • Thuy Linh village market
  • Vegetable & fruit farming 2
  • Vegetable & fruit farming
  • Vietnamese meal

Learning how to cook 3 Vietnamese tradition dishes, a local family meal, cultivate vegetables, visit around town by bicycles and learn to weave bamboo baskets.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Com Viet – 92/2, Thuy Linh str., Hoang Mai dist., Hanoi
  • Green tea leaves… Guests welcomed by employees at arrival
  • The host will lead visitors to Thuy Linh village by bicycle. Visitation of the village market, vegetables garden, Thuy Ling pagoda. Cycling through the Thuy Linh village will take about 45 minutes.
  • Host will teach how to garden and plant vegetables.
  • Host will teach how to cook 3 traditional dishes and decorated plates with fruits such as tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and onions.
  • Handmade bamboo course for 45 minutes
  • 3 meals of food
French-speaking guide


Beverages: coffee, beer, soft drink…
Items not on the menu
  • The price quoted is based on a minimum of two guests. For a booking of only one guest on a private tour, a single supplement should be applied.


09:00 or 15:00: Beginning – Com Viet

Leaving behind all the noise of the outside world to visit a peaceful village, you will be very welcome by a girl – also the host. She will bring you to visit a traditional house and a bonsai garden. Where you will have to opportunity to enjoy a drink a cup of tea (green tea, operculatus tea, ethretia tea and other leaves in the garden), she also will introduce to you the tour program and other activities.


09:15 or 15:15: Thuy Linh village

Later, you and your tour guide and the host will visit Thuy Linh village by bicycles. The tour will start with visiting the pagoda of Thuy Linh village, the most important place for local residents. That is the entire scene including an ancient temple, a small lake with a watchtower and a water temple. Then you will be directed to a local market where all the villagers gather to exchange their agricultural products. The host will also aid you in choosing materials for your cooking program. Following the rhythm of bicycles pedal, you will come to vegetable fields and fruit farms. Stopping by here to taste season fruits and to take pictures while you can have a chit-chat with local sellers. Next, you will go pass a kinder garden, a primary school and a community house. In one of the fields, there will be a brief introduction about your awaiting cultivation work, you will learn the village life by practising on the ground, growing plants and nurturing those plants. You live the beat of life here. Afterwards, you will return to the homestay.


10:30 or 16:30: Return to the house

Return to the house


10:45 or 16:45: Cooking course

Together with the host, you will start your cooking course, the set menu and the prepared materials are ready for Vietnamese speciality. This course is not only a show but is an exploration since you will be cooking your own food from the beginning to the end.


12:15 or 18:15: Meal

Afterwards, enjoy your meal! Enjoy your hard-work results in an adventurous space, sharing and happiness!


13:15 or 19:15: Handicraft weaving

Lastly, this tour will be finished by learning about a weaving handicraft. After watching the trainer, you will practice making your own bamboo basket in company with the host aid and support.


14:00 or 20:00: The end

Ultimately after this activity, the program will end, and it will be time to say goodbye and see you again.


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  1. Lucie (verified owner)

    I always liked Vietnamese food. It was great for me to be able to pick my own food and cook it. The French speaking guide was very nice and helpful. My partner and I really liked this cooking class!! 🙂

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